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Tales and Tunes

Hear a combination of personal stories, historical stories and music to bring joy and inspiration.

The Unbroken Circle: Collecting and Using Family Stories

Learn interviewing techniques and tips for collecting and compiling stories, photos, recipes, songs, writings, and home remedies.


Flora Fact and Folklore

The stories and myths of flowers and herbs take us back to fairies, Greek warriors, and our own childhood plant lore passed down from generation to generation. How did mint and parsley come to be? What is the legend of the bluebonnet, the State Flower of Texas? Take a look at the plant world through these stories, folklore, songs, traditional uses of plants, and personal anecdotes.


Shakers: Their Life and Gardens

The Shakers were one of the most successful intentional communities in the country. Learn about their work, lifestyle, and innovations. They were successful gardeners, selling vegetable seeds and medicinal herbs that they grew, processed, and packaged themselves. Top it all off with Shaker music and a dance or two. “If you would have a lovely garden, you should live a lovely life.” Shaker Saying


Home Remedies of Hard Working Women

People have been using plants and herbs as medicine for centuries.  Kim Lehman has spent years collecting stories and herbal remedies from the Mennonite women of Soap Hollow, Pennsylvania where she grew up.  Learn how to make Aunt Ruth’s onion plaster, hear about Grandma Alwine’s mountain treks to gather herbs and discover other remedies used by these hard working women.


Honey Bees

Honey Bees: Our Tiny Treasures

Honey bees benefit us all.  Learn about the importance of pollinators, how to support honey bees, bee-friendly plants, ways to attract bees to your garden, and the products of the hive. Nature has given us bountiful riches from these tiny insects many greatly fear.

Apitherapy: Health Benefits of Honey, Pollen, Propolis, and Bee Stings

Learn more about the products, how they are made and how they are used. Bee products have amazing uses in medicine, health, beauty, nutrition and art.

Encaustic Art

Encaustic painting has been around for thousands of years. Recently encaustic artwork has become more popular among beekeepers and artists alike. In this presentation and hands-on workshop you will learn two simple encaustic techniques to create monotypes and single layered encaustic creations. Anyone can create beautiful cards, decorated fabric, paintings, and collage using beeswax and pigment.


Learn about bees and experience the many uses of beeswax. Activities include making lip balm, rolled candles, encaustic painting, honey tasting from different floral sources., microscopes, and products of the beehive.

Bee Activities to Do with the Children in Your Life

It’s the weekend and your kids, grand kids, nieces, nephews, or neighborhood children are looking for something to do. Get loads of project ideas related to honey bees. Keep the kids out of trouble and elevate your “cool and fun adult” status. Ideas will include art and science activities. Bring an idea of your own to share!

Make It, Take It Workshops

Host a workshop at your home as a gift to friends and family or as a special party.

The gift of experience, fun and fellowship will generate stories and memories as well as wonderful items and new skills to take home!


Making Skin Care Products from Beeswax

In this demonstration and/or hands-on workshop, learn how to make lip balm and skin lotion from beeswax. You will be given recipes and resources for other products such as facial masks and soap.

Light Up Your Life: Candle Making Workshop

Learn about candle making tools and techniques. Here is a list of possible candles to make depending on the age of the participants, size of the group and length of the workshop: dipped candle, ice candle, rolled candles, wax bowl candle, molded candles, container candles, painted candles, sand candles, a variety of decorated candles including layered wax, and handmade candles holders.

“We really enjoyed your presentation on storytelling. I think it got a lot of people thinking about keeping their family histories alive - A life enriching experience.”

B. Lund, Natural Science Guild

“Thank you for your VERY informative and fun talk at the Herbfest!…You are amazing and gifted!”

K. McConnell, Participant


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