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Schools and Libraries

Everyone loves a good story. Kim has been telling tales and singing songs for many years, first as a way to entertain younger cousins and now as a professional storyteller, musician, puppeteer, and science educator. Known for her energetic and warm performing style, Kim connects with audiences of all ages by incorporating stories and music, as well as puppets and participation for younger audiences.


“I was thoroughly impressed with your performance which was both developmentally appropriate for our early childhood students and entertaining. I appreciated your happy and joyful attitude with the adults as well as with the children. I was thoroughly impressed with your performance, and I have determined that you love what you do!  It shows!  We would welcome you back to ECLC anytime!!”

Sherry Finney -

Sulphur Springs Early Childhood Learning Center, TX

“I wanted you let you know that our staff and parents loved your program for our Super Citizen Day.  We love all the student involvement and interaction.” 
Parent – Robinson Elementary, TX

“Knowledgeable and enthusiastic, Ms. Lehman is one of the best children’s program presenters I’ve heard!”

Lisa Scroggins – Rocksprings Public Library, TX


“You are a great teacher!”

Fourth Grade Student - Halletsville, TX


“Thank you for performing at the Wildflower Days.  Your performance was the highlight of my children’s visit. (And my husbands too!) The whole family has been part of your fan club for years. You’re a treasure to the community. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.”

Cappy Manly, Lady Bird Wildflower Center, TX

“I think she loves us!”

Kindergarten Student – Buda, TX

Grants available through the Texas Commission on the Arts

Preschool and Early Childhood (ages 2-6)


These fun-filled, age appropriate, interactive programs combine props, stories, music, puppets and rhymes. Some programs include a simple project for children to make and take home. The children are engaged while parents and teachers can learn songs and interaction skills to share with their children at home or at school.


Some popular preschool programs include:

  • Space Celebration

  • Green Grows the Garden

  • Sing Songs, Sing Stories


Other preschool programs:

Animals, Bees, Birds, Colors, Dinosaurs, Fairy Tales, Favorite Stories and Songs, Food, Frogs, Hats, Insects, Monkeys, Music, Ocean, Weather, Wild West, Various Holidays and Seasons


Elementary Ages


Storytelling and Music


The Great American Folk Song Sing-Along

A singing, clapping, dancing extravaganza!  A combination of singable traditional songs, stories, props, puppets and participation for all ages.

Tales and Tunes

Something happens when a story begins. Listeners are transported to another time and place. This highly adaptable program draws from folktales, fairy tales, fables, ballads, participation stories and personal stories. Children will be clambering to get to the books in the 389.2 section of the library!


Stories and Songs From Around the World

Children live all around the world. They wear different clothes, eat different food, and speak different languages.  Yet, there is one thing ALL children love – stories and music.  Travel around the world with stories, music, and dance.


Pioneer Days

Long before computers and televisions, people told stories, sang songs, danced together, raised their own food and made their own clothes. Kim brings that sense of community and history to life with this program centered around the traditional arts including storytelling, music and crafts. "Front porch stories" about the westward movement and traditional folktales will allow listeners to create their own images of a by-gone era. Props and traditional instruments add to the joy of singing together.


Green Growing Tales and Tunes

Take a little seed and plant it in the ground. Add a little water and magic happens. Plant the seeds of environmental awareness and appreciation with this program that combines songs, folktales, and facts about seeds, flowers, and green growing things.  Discover a variety of instruments and clothes made from plants.


Fairy Tales

Fairy tales have been told and passed along for many years. Participation and plenty of whimsy make this a treat for the imagination. Children are welcome to dress as a favorite fairy tale character.


Fabulously Fun Frog Festival

All ages will enjoy this hilarious musical story. Learn how to make an instrument. Go on a musical journey to learn more about creatures that live in water. Of course, there will be metamorphosis magic.


Spinning Songs and Stories

Spin tales and tunes about our spider friends in this fun filled program. Learn sign language, experience a puppet show, create your own science magic, sing songs, and hear about Anansi the spider man.


Hands-On Science Programs

for Libraries or Classrooms


Magnetic Magic

After a program about polarities, how magnets work and how we use magnets every day, children will experience magnets up close and personal. Hands-on activities include magnetic fields, magnetic forces, polarities, making a compass, and magnet challenges. Participants will make a refrigerator magnet art to take home.


Science of Sound

This program combines songs to explain vibrations, sound waves, frequency and amplitude along with stories about the uses of sound and the process of hearing. Following the program will be hands-on activities including experiments about sound waves, distinguishing sounds and simple instruments to make and take home.


Amazing Aerodynamics

Air is a very powerful force. It can bend, break, wear down, and move things. Engineers need to understand aerodynamics so they can design more efficient cars and airplanes and so they can design bridges and buildings that can withstand high winds such as those in tornadoes and hurricanes. Learn about Bernoulli’s Effect and aerodynamics through demonstrations, stories and experiments. Hands-on activities include designing and making paper rockets, airplanes, and other flying things to take home.


Building Exploration

Explore the world of engineering and art with this program about 3-D structures. Take on a special building challenge or make a wearable sculpture. Design, build, form, make, and create.

The Buzz about Bees

Children are fascinated by insects. This hands-on, educational science program will ignite the excitement of learning by combining audience participation, music and props while describing honey bees and their vital role in the world. Learn about bee biology, the workings of a beehive and the importance of pollination.


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