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Beekeeper's Lab:

52 Family-Friendly Activities and Experiments Exploring the Life of the Hive

Fill the year ahead with weekly activities from around and about the hive, including art projects, recipes, experiments, garden activities, and more!If you keep bees or are interested in keeping bees, Beekeeper's Lab is the book for you. Filled with 52 beekeeping and hive-inspired projects to keep you involved with your bees and hive all year long. The tutorials are brief, accomplishable, and rewarding. Try a new technique each week with how-tos and sidebars with tips that are perfect for including the whole family! Beekeeping is fun and educational for the whole family to enjoy and is a highly impressive skill to possess!


All Together Now…Songs to Sing With Children

1.  Aiken Drum   (3:00)

2.  Two Little Blackbirds   (1:31)

3.  Sing a Song of Sixpence   (0:49)

4.  Down on Grandpa’s Farm   (1:43)

5.  Five Little Froggies  

6.  Can you Hop Like a Frog   (1:24)

7.  Way Up in the Sky

8.  Little Red Bird   (2:00)

9.  Chey Chey Kooley   (0:53)

10.  Something in My Pocket/ I’m So Happy

11.  Wiggle Fingers   (0:17)

12.  I am a Fine Musician   (2:44)

13.  The Ants Go Marching

14.  Five Green Apples   (2:00)

15.  Row Your Boat   (0:52)

16.  A Sailor Went to Sea

17.  Grandma's Glasses

18.  The Farmer Plants the Seed   (1:00)

19.  Rain on the Rooftop   (0:14)

20.  Mama Don't Allow…(3:00)

21.  Johnny Works With One Hammer   (1:07)

22.  Atcha Patcha Notcha   (3:30)

23.  With My Hands   (0:12)

24.  Wind the Bobbin

25.  Pimpón

26.  The Bear Went Over the Mountain   (

27.  Join in the Game   (1:51)

28.  Instrument Bonanza

29.  Wiggle Little Mouse

30.  Bend and Stretch

  1. Clap You Hands (1:06)

All the Pretty Little Horses


Kim Lehman - vocals, autoharp, dulcimer, rhythm instruments

Dickie Lee Irwin – banjo, guitar

Bill Doughty – piano, guitar

Storytelling and Family History

Ruth Cooks – A family history cookbook with stories, memories, photos and, of course, recipes.

Other Oral History Projects

Documentary Film

Play Party Games

This is film is about the social activities and parties in the 1930’s and 40’s. Includes interviews with people from the Davidsville, PA area and documentation of an intergenerational party to recreate play party games and reminisce about days gone by.

Favorite Hymns

This project began when Great Aunt Ruth asked if Kim would sing at her funeral followed by,  "It won't be anytime soon." Without missing a beat Kim reponded by asking what was her favorite song. No one knew it was "What a Friend We Have in Jesus." That one question lead to two recording projects. Ask your loved one to share their favorite song titles with you!

Ruth Shetler’s Favorite Hymns

Clarence and Turie’s Favorite Hymns

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